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Backup and Recovery

Recovering data Instantly is priceless!

How important is your business’ data? Put another way: How long could you stay afloat without it?

If you’re like most small and midsize businesses, you rely heavily on your data and IT infrastructure. You use computers, servers, and other electronic hardware and software for a wide range of core functions, including accounting, shipping, customer management, marketing and inventory.

The surprising fact is that installation of data protection services has never been easier or more cost-effective in order to protect and manage data, and ensure business continuity. Data Protection, scenario planning and contingency planning need to be part of your IT Strategy.

.Systems fully recovered within 5 minutes of loss

Whether you lose a single server, a complete network or your entire office, we have you covered. Your business will be operational from your local DR or off-site recovery cloud in minutes with instant virtualization.

Secure, Anytime Remote Access to Local and Offsitre Recovery Cloud

In a full DR event, secure access to your critical systems and data from homes, remote offices and any emergency staffing locations.


Walnut Creek PC also offers a host of other IT services. Read more about our, cloud services and professional services.